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KITSUNE BLUE Indigo Hairy Rough 14,5oz

IDR 999,000

KITSUNE Blue Indigo 14,5oz:

+ Blue Indigo Slub 14,5oz

+ Stiff Rough and Slubby Textured

+ ‎Unsanforized Loom State

+ Red Selvedge Line

+ Slim Straight Silhouette

+ Hand-sewn SASHIKO Patch

+ 100% Cotton, 100% Selvedge, 100% Shuttle Loomed

+ 100% Hand Process, 100% Artisanal Jeans

+ Poly Cotton Heavy Thread (super strong thread)

+ Shell Stitch Tusk Sword Fly

+ Double Selvedge Peek a Boo Coin Pocket

+ YKK Japanese 100% Copper Silver & Black Double Prong Button Fly

+ NBDN Iron Plated Burned Copper Rivets

+ NBDN Silver Brushed new Brass Button

+ Hidden Rivets on Backpocket

+ Continuous N Stitching on Waist Band

+ Raised Belt Loop

+ Raised Open Backpocket

+ Fully Reinforced Backpocket

+ Triangle Stitch Overlap Details on Left Side Backpocket

+ Chainstitch Run-Off on Backpocket

+ Single Felled Inseam

+ Hemming by Union Special 43200G