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About Us

We are Indonesian denim brand which focused for heritage concept, established independently since middle of 2011. NBDN (nobrandedon) consists of two words, namely 'no branded' and 'branded on', the meaning of that words like ‘from not worth to be very valuable’. Like from raw materials by dyeing technique that raises the color of the warp and weft, to be used by each owner, changed color fading and scratches as a description of the character of the owner, many many fades history, much experience to tell. We are inspired from various rare things, the myths, the legends, and endangered creatures. That is the basis of every articles that we created, ranging from the selection of raw materials, constructions, details, the coloring of the yarns, until the name we use. We used 100% selected denim fabric both selvedge and non-selvedge with high constructed and premium hardware details. We process all of our stuffs manually, like measuring, cutting, even when we combine every part of it. A pair of well constructed jeans, with good details, good fit, and also good price will be served to you to be worn everyday. Some people may not know, that all of particulars for processing the denim are controlled by the owner directly. What an ordinary way isn’t it? It makes every piece of NBDN (nobrandedon) became an art, not only some jeans or cloth to wear.